The most important thing


If you have ever wondered what you would be doing during the most important events of your lifetime–you’re doing it.

Right now.

This will be long. I have a lot to say. I’ll say some now, some later, and some after that.

We are in the midst of a constitutional crisis on a scale not seen since the Civil War. The issues are not the same (well, mostly), and it is being fought politically, not militarily (well, mostly). But the scale is comparable, and the stakes are, if anything, greater.

The Civil War was fought over slavery (yes, some of my friends insist it was over economic pressures, and some claim it was over “states’ rights”–but the issue that triggered both of those arguments was, pure and simple, slavery). We are not now debating slavery, though we are still dealing with the echoes of it in the racial tensions inherent in Obama Derangement Syndrome, panic over brown brothers coming from the South, and a terror over children and women fleeing wars in the Middle East. I’ll come back to that in a future post.

At stake is not a question over whether half the states will go their own way, leaving a smaller and crippled nation with a sworn (slave-holding) enemy on its border. No, at risk now is the very question of democracy. Can a large and diverse democratic state exist in a world of social media and psyops-driven propaganda? I’ll return to this as well.

I’ve been following the Trump/Russia scandal closely. Please note, I use the term “scandal” though it is wholly inadequate. What is happening is far beyond a “scandal”. A scandal is a question over the sexual improprieties of some Good Old Boy, or bribe-taking over a dog named Checkers, or whether the President secretly sold arms to a foreign terrorist power in order to fund other terrorists in South America in blatant violation of federal law. Those are scandals. Things on that scale certainly are happening, but they are dwarfed by the immensity of the real story, so dwarfed we barely hear of them–

The new Attorney General committed perjury multiple times during his Senate confirmation hearings.

The new head of the EPA was involved in massive insider trading while in Congress, making millions from stock deals while he shepherded legislation benefiting the companies he bought.

The new Secretary of Education knows nothing about education, wants to dismantle public schools in favor of religious schools, and contributed millions to the people who voted on her nomination (and is the sister of a wealthy mercenary).

The new Secretary of Transportation is married to the Senate Majority Leader (clear nepotism) and is receiving millions from Wells Fargo bank.

It’s fair to say, in fact, that every single member of the new Cabinet is both unqualified for his or her new position, and is embedded in enormous conflicts of interest and blatant lawbreaking. Any one of these matters would have been enough to bring down any other presidency. Had this happened eight years ago under The Black President, Republicans would have absolutely shut down the nation, demanding immediate resignation and imprisonment not only of the cabinet officials, but of the guy who appointed them.

We barely hear a peep about any of this.

And therein lies the real horror.

Republicans are in control of the House, the Senate, and the Executive. Soon, they will also control the federal judiciary, since there are over a hundred judgeships they refused to fill with Obama appointees, not to mention a seat on the Supreme Court. Republicans do nothing about the Biblical-level corruption before us, for one simple reason:

They are in charge, and they don’t have to.

Let that sink in.

The criminals are running the banks.

And they own the police, and the law-making bodies, soon the courts, and every oversight committee.

They’re in charge, and they have been waiting for their chance. They’re taking it now, and they are systematically dismantling the nation.

They are in charge. So there is no one to stop them.

As I said, I’ve been following the Trump/Russia scandal closely. Not everyone has, but GODDAMIT, this should be the only topic 24/7, it should be the only story that televisions and radio and newspapers cover.

We have become a kakocracy, ruled by kleptocratic feudal oligarchs who are unbridled by law, constitutional authority, custom, or anything else. Republicans maintain the semblance of our governmental structure in order to keep up appearances and lull the citizenry into normalizing a vast coup.

They are likely to allow elections to continue (for a while at least), but they are choosing who is allowed to vote, and they are the ones who count those votes and announce the results.

I don’t say these things lightly. I’m not one for over-the-top hyperbole (not in public, anyway). I’ve been following recent events. Anyone who isn’t appalled and horrified just isn’t paying attention.

After World War II, Germany took some steps to make sure such a thing never happened again. One of the steps they took was to outlaw the Nazi Party in Germany. You cannot now be a German Nazi. It’s illegal. It’s a federal crime. Germany is a free society, in some ways more free than America–but you cannot be a Nazi in Germany. It is considered too dangerous to humanity, like shouting “FIRE!” in a crowded nation.

When our current crisis resolves–if it ever resolves–when we get our country back–if we ever do–we may have to take similar steps. A decade from now, or two, we may need to make it illegal to be a Republican.

Not because Republican policies are odious (though they are, but a free society allows odious speech and dangerous ideas), but because they have proven themselves, past any doubt or question, to be destructive to the very fabric of civilization.

Republicans have become a dangerous cult, more threatening to our survival than ISIS or al Qaeda, neither of whom was ever an existential threat to American democracy. They are a cult of feudal overlords, intent now on installing a rule in the mold of a Banana Republic dictator and his entire corrupt family.

I’ve leveled some awful charges above. I’ve been following current events. Anyone who has already knows the massive levels of corruption and lawlessness and contempt for our Constitution that has seized our government. I want to detail some of it in future posts, though frankly it’s hard to know where to start, and what portions are not already known to readers who have kept informed. My hope at present is to express the scale of what’s happening.

The Civil War threatened to divide our nation in two. This crisis threatens to dismantle it. I don’t say even that lightly; the President’s senior advisor and chief strategist is (and I kid you not) a self-professed Nazi (yes, a real Nazi) and has openly stated that his goal is to–exactly as I have said–dismantle the federal government.

Think about that. But don’t take too long. We don’t have much time.

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