Dear Diary – Day 7


Jan 26, 2017 — Day 7 of Trumpistan

Dear Diary,

Every day, I wonder if Trump and his neo-Nazis can do anything more destructive and stupid than they did the day before. Each day, they show that yes, yes indeed they can.

Trump started out today saying that if Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto didn’t want Mexico to pay for this insane “wall” idea, well then by gum, maybe he wouldn’t meet with President Peña Nieto. So Peña Nieto said (and I paraphrase), well fuck you jackass, we’re not paying for no asinine wall, and guess what, we’re not going to meet with you. So there. See, people in other countries, especially the  presidents of other countries, don’t like the idea of being bullied, backhanded, and blackmailed, and they don’t have to put up with it from a fascist wannabe with orange hair and tiny hands.

So Trump floated his brilliant idea to make Mexico repay the costs American taxpayers would have to front to build the wall by slapping a 20% tariff on imported goods from Mexico. The problem is that it would violate international law and start a trade war with the rest of the goddam world, and it wouldn’t make Mexico pay for anything anyway, because (are you listening, moron?) exporters don’t pay tariffs. Importers do.

Which means we Americans would pay to build the wall in the first place, then pay taxes (i.e., tariffs) to pay for it a second time. Yeah. This is from the great dealmaker.

And–here’s the kicker–Trump and his brain-dead advisers didn’t know any of that. That’s how stoopid they are. And now they’re having to walk it back.

So they’ve succeeded only in pissing off one of our closest allies and putting everyone else in the world on notice as to just how stupid, incompetent, and mean this idiot and his people really are.

So tell me Dear Diary, do you think we’ve hit bottom yet? Or will tomorrow be worse? I wonder if tomorrow Trump and his band of neo-Nazis can do anything more destructive and stupid than they did today.

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