We’re going to have a more extensive page for Resources, but here is something to get you started: — I will find a place on my site to prominently display Keith Olbermann’s commentaries. GO THERE OFTEN. Great stuff. — get in touch with your Governor, your Senators, and your Representative. — one of the best sources for international news when the American media doesn’t cover important stories. — If you don’t know this site, you need to. A great place to debunk nutty rumors.

2 thoughts on “Resources

  1. I hope you don’t mind me adding something – for those American’s who really want to make a statement:

    The Electoral College can Dump Donald Trump on Dec. 19. But will they? Amanda Werner is the Co-founder of, an upstart network of techie activists poised to lobby delegates to the Electoral College to reject Donald Trump when they convene in state capitols around the country on Dec. 19.

    Trump tells Americans: “‘The president can’t have a conflict of interest!”

    How about if Americans tell the Electoral College to, Dump Trump?

    NOW is the time to think twice and vocally object before empowering this wanna be businessman dictator and Russian Obligate as the President of the United States.

    We The People Could do it. But Will We Try? Democracy Live it or Loss It!


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